MARCH 15 2016
MARCH 30 2016

A juried exhibition presented by CHARLES KRAUSE/REPORTING FINE ART  &  Millennium Arts Salon 

Submission details

The Big Picture
THE 1% EXHIBIT is about power and wealth in the United States today. It's about the end of the American  Dream for most American families and the revenge they're taking, voting against the "Establishment" politicians they blame for the economic swamp they're drowning in. 
THE 1% EXHIBIT is also about the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which legalized what used to be considered bribery. And the Doctrine of State Capture, which explains how and why our governing institutions and elected officials failed to protect us from the ill-considered free trade agreements, slash-and-burn buy-out tactics, mergers, acquisitions and tax evasion that de-industrialized America and caused the sharp increase in income inequality, enriching the top 1 percent whlie leaving the rest of us, the 99 percent, living from paycheck-to-paycheck...or with no paycheck at all.
And, finally, THE 1% EXHIBIT is about what you can do to 1) help Americans understand the income inequality debate and 2) point them toward the poliicies and politicians most likely to fix the problem, and away from the rascals who offer nothing more than empty promises to "make America great again."   

The 4 sections

I. POLARITIES: Artists are asked to submit work for this section that shows how the 1 percent view the 99 percent or how the 99 percent view the 1 percent. 
Do the rich think of the 99 percent as losers, less intelligent, lazy, socially inferior, to be pitied, to be helped? Threatening, jealous, envious?
Do they think of their fellow Americans, the 99 percent, at all when they close factories, lay off workers, foreclose  their homes, move American jobs and companies offshore so they can pay lower wages and avoid paying higher taxes to pay for health insurance, public education, protecting the environment s?  
Do the 99 percent view the 1 percent as greedy, mean, uncaring, selfish, responsible for corrupting our political and desroyoing nthe fabric of our country? Or do they respect the rich for having made tons of money and forgive their attitudes and behavior because what they really want is to be just like them? 
II. CITIZENS UNITED/ THE DOCTRINE OF STATE CAPTURE: Artists are asked to read the essay on the ABOUT page and articles listed on the RESOURCES page in preparation for creating artwork that helps us understand  1) how the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has legaized political corruption and contributed to the growing disparity of income and wealth in the U.S. and 2) why the Doctrine of State Capture, originally formulated by the World Bank and IMF to understand corruption in Russia, now applies to the U.S. The Exhibit's organizers wish to encourage artists to submit artwork for this Section of THE 1% EXHIBIT

Artists! Submit!

Artists of any nationality living in the United States or holding U.S. passports living abroad may submit paintings, drawings in any medium, limited edition prints in any medium, sculpture, assemblages, collage, hand made jewelry, installations, video and performance art for consideration.
1. THE 1% EXHIBIT will be divided into four sections. Artists must clearly indicate for which one of the four sections they wish their work to be considered. (see this page for a detailed description of each section).
2. Each entry must also be clearly labelled with the artwork's title, medium, dimensions, year completed and the artist's name.

3. Each artist must also submit his or her CV and an Artist's Statement for each entry (no more than 350 words, please) explaining how their work relates to the issue of income inequality and whether they think more should be done to equalize income in the United States.

4. Each submission must include at least one and no more than three high res images of the work being submitted.

5. Each entry must be emailed to [email protected] no later than March 15, 2016. Artists are welcome to contact Charles Krause with any questions they may have about the exhibit or their entry.  He may be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone (202-638-3612)

6. Artists whose work is selected for the exhibit will be notified no later than March 21, 2016 and will be responsible for having their work delivered to the exhibition site no later than March 28, 2016 
7. The exhibit will open on Thursday evening, March 31 and be up through May 20, 2016. The organinzers of the exhibit will arrange to have each work wrapped and returned to its owner within 10 days after the Exhibit closes.

8. Artwork in the exhibit will not be offered for sale by the organizers of the Exhibit. They will, however, provide collectors who wish to buy a work in the exhibit with contact information for the artist. Artists will keep 100 per cent of any sales they negotiate---our way of thanking all of the artists who submIt work for contributing their time and talent to this important exhibit.