MARCH 15 2016
MARCH 30 2016

A juried exhibition presented by CHARLES KRAUSE/REPORTING FINE ART  &  Millennium Arts Salon 

For artists

Do you believe our country should live up to its Highest Ideals? Or  sell them to the highest bidder?

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 Exhibit's  organizers
Open Call
Rules for Submission 
We believe Art can be an important catalyst for Social and Political Change
Artists of any nationality now living in the United States, and artists who are US citizens living abroad, are eligible to submit work for  THE 1% EXHIBIT.
Submissions deadline:
MARCH 15 2016 
THE 1% EXHIBIT will present 35 to 50 original works of Art which address the causes and effects of the growing disparity of income between the top 1 percent of the Nation's households...and the Rest. 
Exhibit opens March, 2016:  
Where and when better for artists to express their views--and demonstrate 
the power of their Art to explain the challenges we, as a Nation, face---than in Washington, DC  during 2016, a Presidential Election Year?
Our 4th Open Call Exhibit:
CHARLES KRAUSE/ REPORTING FINE ART and MILLENNIUM ARTS SALON, both of Washington, DC, are committed to providing American artists with opportunities to exhibit political Art in The Nation's Capital. 
Earlier themed exhibits called for Art supporting "meaningful" gun control
The NEWTOWNProject:
A Call to Arms!
and Art illustrating the impact of political paralysis in Washington 
America's Artists Look Beyond the Politics of Red and Blue
Charles and David Koch are two of the richest men in the United States, each worth an estimated $39 to $40 billion, according to Forbes magazine.  Each owns 42 per cent of Koch industries, the second-largest privately held company in the US with annual revenue of an estimated $115 billion, founded by their grandfather.  
They're also two of the active supportres of right-wing causes, funding think tanks, advocacy groups, law suits and political candidates who favor limited government, lower taxes, ending food stamps, government subsidized health care, Social Security opposed to opposed ppromote initiatives that will make them and other 1 percenters even richer===and income inequality in the United States even greater.
If their father hadn't been a founder of the John Birch Society y weren't ,  one might even think they were secret members of Al Queda or ISIS out to destroy the United States. According to the EPA, their company, Koch Industries,  is the single worst violator of environmental protection laws in the country,  responsible for polluting rivers, lakes and streams with the industrial chemicals the company uses and produces to refine oil extract minerals from the mines the Kochs'
own across the country.
The Brothers also fund many of the "scientists" and "sound science" groups that question climate change, providing the Congreessmen and senators the Koch Brothers have bought with the "evidence" they use to block passage of laws that would reduce  carbon emissions while there's still time.
They also fund Citizens United, the group that brought the suit that allowed the Supreme Court to outlaw restrictions on campaign contributions from corporations; the Federalist Society which concocted the NRA's legal theory that the Second Amendment gives Americans the "right" to own and carry semi-automatic weapons; and the Tea Party, which gives modern day "know nothings" the opportunity to shut down government and nearly cause a global financ ial collapse by forcing the US Treasury to forfeit payment of the US debt
A jury of distinguished curators, artists and  collectors will select
35 to 50 works of art for  
opening in late March
for seven weeks
    in Washington, DC